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Breastfeeding can be tough. In fact it’s often more complex than we ever imagined before our little one came along. It’s amazing how a little bit of regular support can make all the difference to your breastfeeding journey. Take a look at my packages to see which one would suit you. All of these packages offer one to one support either face to face or on line or a mixture of both.

3 one-to-one sessions. ( Makes the perfect Baby Shower Gift!)

Session 1 – During pregnancy. A 1-2 long discussion followed by a written plan and a list of resources.

Session 2 –  1-5 days after birth. 90 mins to 2 hours. Including a feeding assessment, a feeding plan and a links to resources.

Session 3 –  1-6 weeks after the birth. Includes an hour long discussion, feeding assessment if necessary and  feeding plan plus any resources that may be useful.


The Basic Package 3 online Video Sessions £160

The Basic Package 2 online Sessions and a post-birth home visit (Kent only) £180 (+ excess any millage)

The Basic Package 3 home visits (Kent Only) £210 (+ any excess millage)

Do you feel worried or anxious when you think about breastfeeding your baby? Perhaps the thought of a baby at the breast doesn’t sit right with you or you have breastfed before but it didn’t go as expected. You want to breastfeed but the thought of it is bringing up all kinds of feelings that you don’t know what to do with.

A large part of the work I do is about helping people to manage their emotional conflicts around breastfeeding. This 2 or 3 session package can be for both partners or individual parents/parents-to-be. As well as listening to your stories, fears and emotions, I use a range of tools and techniques to help you feel freer and more preapred as you go into this next phase of life. These sessions are normally done as an online video call but could be face to face in Kent if requested (prices will vary)


The Mindfulness package –  2 sessions  – £95

The Mindfulness package – 3 sessions

(including the rewind technique for healing breastfeeding trauma) £210

If you feel that you would like a  comprehensive package of care where you feel supported every step of the way through the early weeks of your breastfeeding journey then this is the package for you. If you would like support with the practical and emotional side of breastfeeding, if you would like to know that you have someone to talk to each week about how it’s all going, then read on as this might be just the package of care for you.

What’s included?

2 pregnancy sessions – 1 mindfulness session and 1 in breastfeeding preperation

1 feeding assessment video call (or home visit if in Kent) once your baby is born (90 minutes)

Weekly 15-30 minute phone calls at a time of your convenience for the next 6 weeks.

A follow up 60 minute Well Baby Video call at 3-6 months or a time of your choosing (questions about weaning, sleep, routines, other baby related concerns are often covered in these sessions.)

Free Complete Package Bonuses- Free access to my online 6 module Breastfeeding Course.  A copy of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding book, Yes Mum affirmation cards and a bundle of breastfeeding and wellbeing products. 

Cost: £450

For those who have negative, upsetting or traumatic feelings associated with a previous birth experience, I offer the Rewind technique. The rewind technique “unhooks” these emotions from the event, helping you to feel less affected by them. This is a 3 session package unless you are adding it into one of my other services. In which case it can be done in 1 or 2 sessions.


3 video call sessions  £160

To add this onto another package, contact me to discuss.



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