I had an instinct something was slightly amiss with my third baby’s feeding. The other two had vomited regularly enough, but seemed OK within themselves and not distressed by it. A was vomiting up to 6 times a day – sometimes projectile and always what seemed to be huge quantities – as well as ‘leaking milk’ after every single feed. She was also feeding pretty well non-stop, day and night. Feeding had been incredibly painful at first, too, and A had coughed up a few blood clots, which had come from my damaged nipples. I mentioned all this to the paediatrician in hospital, who told me that ‘breastfeeding is hard’ (!), ‘tongue tie is a myth’ (!) and that some women ‘want an excuse not to breastfeed’ (!!) I felt that maybe I was making a mountain out of a molehill and that my instinct was wrong.

Anna came to see me and my 4 week-old daughter at home. She listened carefully to everything I had to say and then examined A, very gently and expertly. She spotted a sub-mucosal posterior tongue tie and showed me ways in which this was affecting movement in the tongue. We spoke about strategies for improving things, particularly achieving an exaggerated latch. Anna was very understanding about my reluctance to have the procedure for cutting the tie, and was confident we could find ways of improving things without pursuing that route. When Anna watched me feed A, she was respectful and hands off, but really helpful in describing positions that would help. She followed up later by sending some brilliant videos, which (paired with the leaflets she had left) really did help me change my technique (this surprised me I guess because having breastfed for 3.5 years and attended many LLL meetings, I assumed I’d know all I could about what to try).

The practical element of Anna’s help was great, and seems to have reduced A’s vomiting and allowed me to stop using nipple shields altogether. It was also just really validating to be heard and to be told that my feelings that feeding A was different were well founded.

Anna is super-equipped with both knowledge and advice. She’s gentle, understanding and reassuring : qualities that are invaluable when dealing with a vulnerable, sleep deprived and possibly sore new mother! I can recommend her without reservation.


After the birth of my second child, you’d hope I’d have mastered breastfeeding. But we ran into difficulties with low weight gain & I needed one-to-one support which the midwives and health visitors just weren’t able to give. Cue Anna, and her calm, supportive help was just what I needed. She was methodical, skilled, knowledgable but above all a reassuring and empathetic presence. She detected a tongue tie which at least four other professionals had missed; I’m still breastfeeding three months on, and still using the techniques and tips she shared with me with every feed. I really recommend a session with her, whether you have feeding problems or not. There is always so much to learn about breastfeeding.


I’m pleased to see I’ve been pretty much pain free since your visit. I think the massage, especially has really helped. I’m still trying to increase how much I get when I pump but it is gradually improving. Thanks for your help and support.


Alongside providing general advice,
Anna supported me with breastfeeding my son, whilst i was suffering with migraines . Her clinical knowledge combined with practical advice, empathy and kindness was second to none and better than other professionals I had consulted. Working with Anna, meant I was able to continue breastfeeding in a safe and confident way. I highly recommend Anna to anyone who requires support with breastfeeding.

Clare Lawrence

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